Unveiling JMU: Your A-Z Campus Terms Guide

Hey there, future Dukes! Ready to step into the vibrant life of James Madison University but feeling a bit lost in the lingo? Fear not! ‘Speak Like a Duke: A Guide to JMU Campus Terms’ is here to ensure you won’t feel like a fish out of water when you hear words like ‘The Breeze’, ‘FLEX’, or ‘D-Hall’.

We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive rundown of the terms you’ll need to navigate our beautiful campus. So sit back, grab a snack, and let’s dive into the colorful language of JMU together!

Speak Like a Duke: A Guide to JMU Campus Terms

The Breeze – This is the student-run newspaper at JMU, published every Thursday.

Chips – This is a comprehensive convenience store located in proximity to the Bookstore.

CSL – Abbreviation for Community Service-Learning, a department that bridges the gap between students and community service opportunities.

D-Hall – The latest dining facility at JMU that operates on an “all-you-care-to-eat” model, situated near the Quad.

Dining Dollars – Additional funds loaded onto the JACard that students can use at any campus dining location.

Duke Dog Alley – A pedestrian tunnel underneath I-81 that facilitates safe crossing across the campus.

E-Hall – The “all-you-care-to-eat” dining hall situated on the east side of campus.

Festival – A meeting and conference facility on the East Campus that also features dining options.

FLEX – A declining balance account that can be topped up by you or your student.

GenEd – Students’ nickname for General Education courses.

JACard – The multi-purpose student ID card used for various transactions on campus and at selected locations in town.

LSI – Represents Learning Strategies Instruction, a customized academic coaching program open to all Dukes.

MOAT – Stands for Madison Orientation Adventure Trips.

MRD – Acronym for the Marching Royal Dukes, often referred to as the best band in the land.

Punch – A system used for record-keeping in dining facilities, where punches are equivalent to food.

The Quad – The lawn located in front of Wilson Hall on the original bluestone campus.

SGA – Short for Student Government Association.

SLI – Also known as the Student Learning Initiatives Resource Center, situated in Huffman Hall. This is a place where your Duke can enjoy themselves while getting assistance with writing projects and academic support.

SMAD – Abbreviation for School of Media Arts and Design.

SSC – The Student Success Center is a nexus of student programs and services.

TDU – Known as Taylor Down Under, it is a comfortable hangout spot for students to socialize, play board games, or study.

UPB – Stands for University Program Board.

UHC – The University Health Center where students can avail of general medical services.

UREC – JMU’s high-end health and wellness complex located on the East Campus.

Understanding Key Roles on Campus

If you’re wondering who’s who on JMU vibrant campus, you’ve come to the right place. The JMU community comprises a variety of key players, from academic advisors who guide your studies to the loveable Duke Dog who stirs up school spirit. Each person has a unique role, adding their bit of magic to our shared campus experience. In this section, we’ll dive into these critical roles, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the faces that make JMU truly special.

Academic Advisor – A dedicated staff member at the university who is there to help students achieve their educational objectives and to guide them in making informed and responsible choices.

Board of Visitors – The authoritative entity for JMU, appointed by the state governor.

Dean – The top executive of a college responsible for the budget and staff within their respective college divisions.

Academic Unit/Department Head – This is an administrative role held by a faculty member; they oversee a primary sector within the academic framework.

Duke Dog – The beloved mascot of JMU.

FROGs – These are First yeaR Orientation Guides who assist students during their inaugural year at JMU.

GA/TA – Graduate Assistants/Teaching Assistants help faculty in a variety of tasks, including preparing course materials, grading assignments, conducting research, setting up labs, handling departmental administrative duties, and any other tasks assigned by the department they’re assisting.

HD – Hall Director is the person managing each dormitory.

OPAs – Orientation Peer Advisors who lead the way during Summer Orientation and assist in orchestrating Weeks of Welcome.

Provost – The highest-ranking academic official at a college or university who oversees the institution’s educational, instructional, and research activities.

RA – Resident Advisor. These trained undergraduate student leaders promote a sense of community among residents of a dormitory floor or wing and enforce university policies to ensure resident safety.

Registrar – This university official is responsible for student registration and maintaining academic records.